1. RSVP on

    To be elligible to participate in the raffle, you must RSVP your status to "yes" on the meetup's page on

  2. Provide feedback on

    Only people who provided feedback on page of the meetup are considered for participation in the raffle. This raffler communicates with the API and randomly selects winners from list of feedback providers of the event's tracks.

  3. Chances of winning

    It is allowed to provide multiple feedback entries on the meetup's page. This will increase your chances of being selected winner. Once you have won, however, you cannot win again during the raffle. So if the list of feedback providers looks like [Tom, Tom, Tom, Jachim, Tom], then Tom has a higher chance of winning, but if 2 items are being raffled, Tom or Jachim can't win both items.

  4. Winner(s) next meetup

    Winners are selected during the next meetup. We value the feedback you provide on and want to give you all the time you need to make your feedback valuable. As such, winners are never drawn during the current meetup, but always on the next. Beware though, at a given moment, will close the event's page for feedback.

  5. Rules are subject to change

    Rules are there to be broken, we understand that. As such, we (the raffle organisers) always reserve the right to change the rules at any time, when we feel that unfairness has crept into the system. We believe in a fair and just world, and will try to make the raffler as fair as possible for anyone who enters.

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